Marco Valerio Antonini is a Los Angeles-based Italian composer and orchestrator. He writes music for motion pictures, television and videogames. He studied Composition and Orchestration at the Santa Cecilia conservatory of Rome, and graduated in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television from the University of Southern California. He has won several awards in the US and worldwide.

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On January, 31 2016 at The Bridge Recording studio in Glendale, CA, a 35 piece orchestra blending together the best LA studio musicians from AFM Local 47 and higher level student musicians from USC Thornton School of Music performed for USC SMPTV students in the first orchestral scoring session of the 2016 cycle. Marco's re-scoring exercise to "Baby's Day Out" got its take, and here is the result.

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This is a re-scoring exercise of the main titles sequence from Drag Me To Hell. Original composer and USC professor Christopher Young gave the 2015-16 USC class this clip as first scoring assignment for his composition class at the SMPTV program.

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These are Marco's three compositions for the University of Southern California Scoring For Motion Pictures and Television program (SMPTV) Orchestration Masterclass, held by the Oscar Nominated composer and orchestrator Bruce Broughton. The first term of the class culminated in three recording sessions at The Bridge Recording studio in Glendale, CA, where students' String, Brass and Woodwinds quintets were recorded by A-list AFM Local-47 studio musicians. Scores mixed by Robert Fernandez, Rick Schmunk and Richard McIlvery.

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