Marco Valerio Antonini is a Los Angeles-based Italian composer and orchestrator. He writes music for motion pictures, television and videogames. He studied Composition and Orchestration at the Santa Cecilia conservatory of Rome, and graduated in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television from the University of Southern California. He has won several awards in the US and worldwide.

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"Standing Up", directed by Jon Miller will be out on APRIL 16!

It was great co-writing the score with Lior Rosner .

You can pre order your copy on iTunes at this link:


So proud of being accepted as Voting Member in the music peer group of the Television Academy, home of the Emmy Awards. I very much look forward to meeting the best talent in TV!

A terrific festival season run continues for The Bag and The Bike, directed by David Haye with music by Marco Valerio Antonini. The short film tells the story of a friendship between...a bag and a bike! This time, The Bag and The Bike was selected for the 2019 Destiny City Film Festival in Tacoma, WA.

Awarded the Silver Award for Best Original Score at the IMDB Independent Short Awards, it ran finalist at the Miami Independent Film Festival, best Student Film category; LA Cinefest 2018, Best Score category; and it's now also nominated for Best Score at the 2018 Watersprite International Film Festival in Cambridge, UK.

The film premiered with music performed live by the Helix Collective at the 2018 LA Live Score Film Festival, and was screened on October 3rd in Madrid at the Amazing Shorts Showcase. Listen to the Score on YouTube