Marco Valerio Antonini is a Los Angeles-based Italian composer and orchestrator. He writes music for motion pictures, television and videogames. He studied Composition and Orchestration at the Santa Cecilia conservatory of Rome, and graduated in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television from the University of Southern California. He has won several awards in the US and worldwide.

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Tesla, directed by Rick Ross, will screen at the 2021 Culver City Film Festival this Saturday, December 4.

Tickets and info at this link

Enjoy an extract of the score on YouTube, or below here.

starring Christy St. John (Good People), Nick Theurer, and Kimia Behpoornia (Abby’s), music by Marco Valerio Antonini

Here is a new orchestra video, featuring the Budapest Scoring Symphony playing "On the Frontline", a cue from the upcoming feature COVID-19 Ground Zero, directed by Mustafa Ozgun, with Laura Weissbecker and Cyril Durel. The film premieres in the US at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York City on Sunday, October 17 2021 at 3pm at the Regal Union Square.

Tesla, colorful and surprising film by Rick Ross, is having its West Coast Premiere at the Calabasas Film Festival this Saturday, October 2 at 1pm! Tix and info at www.calabasasfilmfestival.com Listen to the Main Title in the Comedy music page

Tesla is a comedy about listening, or more precisely, not listening. It's the colorful tale of an earnest engineering student forced to take desperate action in order to make herself heard by her agonizingly masculine downstairs neighbor...who may or may not be playing the loud music that's keeping her awake at night. The film is an ironic look at what happens when men refuse to listen to women, and ultimately makes an appeal to us all to stop assuming and just...listen.